Ukrainan delegation of rescuers visited Estonia

11.September 2023 A delegation of Ukrainian professional and volunteer rescuers visited Estonia to learn about the work of the organisation that brings together volunteer rescuers, under the guidance of the Estonian Rescue Association.
Since the beginning of the war, the Estonian Rescue Association has supported the Ukrainian rescuers with equipment and machinery. The contacts and acquaintances we have made have given us the opportunity to cooperate with the Ukrainian volunteer rescue organisation, and to date we have signed a memorandum of cooperation with them, and the volunteers have been to Estonia to see the work of our volunteer rescue teams and learn how the Estonian Rescue Association works as an organisation.

During the Ukrainians' stay, we introduced them to the volunteer and professional rescue teams in West, North and Central Estonia. Palivere, Nõva, Raasiku, Aruküla, Kaberneeme and Võsu volunteer rescue units, as well as Tallinn's Centre and Nõva professional rescue units were included in the visit orbit.

The most important event of the whole visit was the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation, which you can read more about HERE. The signing of the bilateral Memorandum of Cooperation aims at sharing knowledge and experience between the two volunteer organisations, but also at participating in joint sports competitions.

In addition to the more formal and business-like visits to the rescue teams, the delegation of Ukrainian rescuers had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Postimees Group, led by Madis Kimmel, and the Põhjala Brewery, which showed the story of Estonian craft beer. One of the most memorable part of the whole visit will definitely remain the visit of Võsu volunteers, where Võsu chief Andres offered the Ukrainians fish caught in the morning and smoked the same day.

In conclusion, the Ukrainian delegation was extremely satisfied with the visit and the knowledge gained will be taken back home. They were impressed by the Estonians' hospitality, which was evident in every professional and volunteer rescue team.

Слава Україні!

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