What do we do?

Rescue on land

Maritime rescue

Special rescue

Members of Estonian Rescue Association

Estonian Rescue Association unites and represents institutions operating voluntarily in the field of rescue in Estonia, regardless of their field and location. 

Our members deal with firefighting, sea rescue, dog rescue, water rescue, rope rescue, people search, prevention work, and many other areas of rescue.

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Join Virtual Commando

Virtuaalkomando (Virtual Commando in English or VC for short) unites Estonian volunteers who want to contribute more than usual to the safety of their family and community. Members of the VC aren’t official rescuers, but their awareness and preparedness for crises is significantly higher than average.

Join Päästeliit

By 2025 we want to raise the volunteer count to 25 000 people, in the voluntary rescue service. Every union and person counts who wants to do their part to make Estonia a safer place. Lets start making Estonia a safer environment together!


Our projects are aimed at preventing disasters from happening. In order to do that we are raising awareness, organise new equipment and train our rescuers. Addition to local projects, we are also attending different international projects. The projects are funded by public sector but also private donators. 

+372 527 4112
Sirge 2, 10618 Tallinn, Eesti


Register number 80302703
IBAN EE547700771002741382

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