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Estonian Rescue Association unites and represents organisations operating in the field of voluntary rescue in Estonia.

Ukrainian rescuers taught Estonian volunteers

27.November 2023

Volunteers from Päästeliit had the unique opportunity to take part in a training course on rubble rescue during rocket attacks, organised by rescuers from the Rescue Service of Ukraine of Rivne Oblast.


Ukraine is strenghtened yet again!

25.November 2023

Estonian Rescue Association delivered another shipment of aid for the rescuers of Ukraine!


Another package of humanitarian aid has been delivered to Ukraine

28.September 2023

This time, the aid consignment included 5 Citroen Berlingos and several boxes of first aid supplies to help Ukrainian rescuers in field operations.


Ukrainan delegation of rescuers visited Estonia

11.September 2023

A delegation of Ukrainian professional and volunteer rescuers visited Estonia to learn about the work of the organisation that brings together volunteer rescuers, under the guidance of the Estonian Rescue Association.





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prevention work

Help us save lives!

Support our cause so that we can respond to accidents quickly and professionally, preventing situations from happening and acquiring new equipment.

Rescue on land

A ground rescue unit is usually a volunteer fire company with at least one main vehicle, a crew operating it, and associated equipment.

Maritime rescue

The heart of the maritime rescue unit is the rescue boat, the crew using it, and the relevant communication and special equipment.

Special rescue

Several associations related to specific rescue operations have emerged in Estonia over the past few decades. For example, there are associations whose efforts have been spent on raising and training water rescue dogs.

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