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Safer Estonia

Over a decade, the Éstonian Rescue Association has stood for Estonia to be among the countries where accidents, senselessly lost human lives, and destroyed property are exceptional incidents.

We try to make life in Estonia safe and ensure that being a volunteer rescuer is as easy, exciting, and useful as possible. We are trying to change social thinking towards a more sustainable and safer living environment.




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prevention work

Rescue on land

A ground rescue unit is usually a volunteer fire company with at least one main vehicle, a crew operating it, and associated equipment.

Maritime rescue

The heart of the maritime rescue unit is the rescue boat, the crew using it, and the relevant communication and special equipment.

Special rescue

Several associations related to specific rescue operations have emerged in Estonia over the past few decades. For example, there are associations whose efforts have been spent on raising and training water rescue dogs.

We stand for safety

The rescue union is an emphatically open organization. We want to be the best example of Estonian civil society. We always have a say in the creation of laws, ordinances and regulations regarding voluntary rescue and marine rescue. 

We deal with the organization of joint procurements, trainings and safety days. Regarding our activities, the financial situation of volunteer land and sea rescue teams and with the support of local local rescue centers and state authorities has improved.

By 2025, we will ensure a safety level in Estonia equal to that of Scandinavia

In 2016 at the general meeting held in Narva, Päästeliit adopted a new vision "Safe Estonia 2025". In terms of the goal, the vision coincides with the Rescue Board's vision to ensure a safety level equivalent to Scandinavia by 2025 in Estonia, taking into account those who died and got injured in accidents. As a rescue association, we believe that in order to reach this goal, the volunteer land and sea rescue commandos must be much more capable. 

We are taking concrete steps to realize the vision. We are trying to involve business sponsors more than before and we expect everyone to contribute in a smaller amount. Let's make life safe in Estonia!

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Sirge 2, 10618 Tallinn, Eesti


Register number 80302703
IBAN EE547700771002741382

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