Members of ICE-SAR visited Estonia

05.September 2023 During the week-long refresher training, Icelandic volunteers learned how to extinguish forest and landscape fires under the guidance of Estonian Rescue Association. 
The first day in Estonia was a busy one for Icelanders. Under the leadership of the Annelinna and Tõrvandi rescue teams, the Icelandic volunteer rescuers gained experience in fighting forest and landscape fires with ATVs and UTVs. The training area where the Icelanders were taught the techniques had been the scene of a fire some time ago, so it gave the foreigners a chance to marvel at the consequences of the fire.

Forest fires are a minor concern in Iceland, but moss-covered landscape fires are becoming an increasing concern. As a result of volcanic eruptions, lava falls on dense moss (growing in layers as thick as 16cm), igniting an area that is difficult to extinguish. Their whole problem is comparable to our peat fires, but they lack the training and equipment to extinguish them today.

The second part of the training took place in Suhka, where the Icelandic volunteers were given the opportunity to learn how to uncoil and attach hoses, extinguish fire with hoses and use a floating pump on water. Risto Roomet, head of the Palivere Volunteer Fire Brigade, and Veiko Pormeister from the Karula Volunteer Fire Brigade, entertained the guests. Väle Prutt, head of the Suhka Voluntary Rescue Service, shared and introduced his knowledge, the command, machines and equipment.

With the Icelanders, we also visited the island of Osmus, where Rita, the island warden, shared her experience of sea and island rescue. The guests had a slightly more fun but educational part at the Järva-Jaani museum of old machinery, run by Tuve Kärner, one of the initiators of Järva-Jaani Volunteer Rescue.

The Icelanders were extremely satisfied with what they had learned in Estonia and promised to share their experience and knowledge back home.

🎥 See also the news story about the Icelandic volunteer rescuers' visit to Estonia.

The project is funded by Nordplus, which supports Nordic and Baltic organisations in the field of adult education. Its aim is to share knowledge and skills through exchange visits based on the themes identified in the projects.

Estonian Rescue Association in cooperation with the ICE-SAR are participating in the project to broaden their experience and knowledge of rescue work. A little less than a month ago, Estonian rescuers were in Iceland learning mountain rescue. You can read more about it HERE.

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