Ukrainian rescuers taught Estonian volunteers

27.November 2023 Volunteers from Päästeliit had the unique opportunity to take part in a training course on rubble rescue during rocket attacks, organised by rescuers from the Rescue Service of Ukraine of Rivne Oblast.
At the Rivne training base, both theoretical and practical sessions were given on rescuing victims in the event of a collapsed building - rescuing from the rubble, getting the victim out of the car, and transporting the victim in difficult situations.

In general, the logic of Estonian and Ukrainian collapse rescue is the same, but the biggest difference comes in the way buildings are approached in the event of a missile hit, says Risto Roomet, who took part in the training: "If the rescue team is supposed to start working quickly and immediately, the ukrainians won't approach the building until the air raid is over. Because we know very well that the Russians will use such tactics, that he will try to attack the same place a second time, in order to cause damage to the Ukrainian rescuers as well. "

This was the first of a series of planned trainings in which Estonian volunteers will be able to develop their knowledge by learning from their Ukrainian colleagues.

Слава Україні!

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