Ukraine is strenghtened yet again!

25.November 2023 Estonian Rescue Association delivered another shipment of aid for the rescuers of Ukraine!
This time, we shipped two Mitsubishi L200 cars to Ukraine to be used as transport vehicles for rescuers of EOD-teams and another Citroen Berlingo to be used by Ukrainian rescue workers who are carrying out operational assignments. In addition, we delivered equipment and first aid supplies to the Ukrainian deminers.

The Ukrainian State Service of Emergenices would like to thank all the Estonian donors. The rescuers are extremely grateful for the help we are sending them together and the support of Estonians is incomparable.

However, the need for help remains as the aggression continues and the destruction is massive. There is a great shortage of demining equipment, as there are currently 174 000 km2 of mined areas, or nearly four Estonias. In addition, there is a shortage of emergency rescue equipment, first aid supplies and much more.

So that we can again bring humanitarian aid to Ukraine next year, you can make your donation here:  https://paasteliit.ee/help-ukraine

Ukrainian rescuers thank you!

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