Technical rescue unit members studied rubble rescue

08.April 2024 Over the weekend, the members of the technical rescue unit gathered in Imavere, where they learnt rescue in case of collapses from experienced instructors.
During the two-day training, the members of the technical rescue unit gained theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience in the construction of structures for different types of collapses.

On Saturday, the volunteers gathered at the Kabala community centre, where trainers Gert Teder and Tarmo Klooster presented their theoretical knowledge of rubble rescue. Based on their experience, the volunteers were equipped with a wide range of knowledge, which they used for two days of practical training. In the afternoon, the participants headed to Imavere, where they practised the theoretical part of the morning's training in a local Väätsa volunteer rescue unit, setting up various structures used in the event of a collapse.

On the second day, the volunteers learned more about the different constructions and ways to rescue in case of a collapse through practical training. The two-day training was rounded off with a game situation in which the rescuers had to support a wall and a window to ensure safe entry.
According to Raido Kimmel, a volunteer rescuer from Väätsa VPK, who took part in the training, he emphasises on the little things in the emergency siuation that secures the whole rescue event: "There can be a lot of nails, but they have to be in a certain place and in a certain number. In my opinion courses like these in fresh air taught by specialists, with a chance to hit a hammer on your fingers, are the most rewarding," said Raido jokingly. 
"The impressions are great and I'm already looking forward for the next courses. There is never a dull moment at the training courses organised by the Estonian Rescue Association, and the number of new friends and experiences you get from these are just a reward," praised Raido Kimmel.
Estonian Rescue Association would like to thank the trainers, Gert Teder and Tarmo Klooster, for a very important training, which has made our volunteer rescuers better able to operate at technical rescue unit events.

More photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjBkEjn

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