Päästeliit is sending a demining robot to Ukraine

02.May 2023 Päästeliit with the support of our donor UG Investments is sending a demining robot MV-4 to Ukraine.
Päästeliit has signed a contract with the Croatian factory DOK-ING to purchase a demining robot MV-4. It's a machine that can be controlled from afar and help demine areas without endangering the rescuers. The purchase was made possible by the donation of UG Investments. The entire machine with the training and transport comes together at 1,1 million euros. 

Estimated time of arrival for the robot is August 2023. 

The MV-4 is one of the world’s best renowned light category mine clearance and EOD robotic systems. Its low profile and robust structure makes it resistant to all AP mines detonations and UXOs of similar intensity. It can also sustain AT mine explosions. MV-4 is the only mine clearance and EOD robotic system in its category that has proved its efficiency in real combat environment.

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