PäästeFest 2024 was held in Pärnu-Jaagupi

17.June 2024 Pärnu-Jaagupi Firefighting Association and the Estonian Rescue Association held the first ever PäästeFest 2024 in Pärnu-Jaagupi over the weekend.
The event, organised by the Pärnu-Jaagupi Firefighters Association and the Estonian Rescue Association, left lasting memories and next year's festival is already being looked forward to.

During the two days, the volunteers together with the locals of Pärnu-Jaagupi enjoyed good music, a good time, competitions, carousels, a procession and many other exciting activities.

The Festival of Volunteer Rescuers is a family event for the rescue network, which aims to bring together all Estonian volunteer land and sea rescuers, their families, friends, supporters, partner institutions, communities and colleagues from other countries.

PäästeFest is a revival of the Volunteer Rescuers Forum, which was held until 2019. Due to the covid, the event could not take place, but such a gathering is much needed by the rescuers. Last time, the Volunteer Firefighters Forum was organised by the Pärnu-Jaagup Firefighters Association, who today, in cooperation with the Rescue League, have taken it upon themselves to recreate the event, but in a more modern format and under a new name.

There was something for everyone at the festival: a rescue area with modern land and sea rescue equipment, a firefighting history corner, a fair and quilting area, a barbecue competition, a memory game, a children's area with carousels and trampolines, an entertaining simming area and a stage.

Friday will be remembered forever for the locally organised and entertaining memory game and the Kassett Band, whose music was enough to keep anyone awake.

Saturday started with the flag-raising ceremony, during which the participants sang the anthem themselves. This was followed by the KogemusFest (experience festival), where the Minister of the Interior Lauri Läänemets, the Head of the Rescue Board Margo Klaos, the representative of the Police and Border Guard Board Kristi Hallas, the leader of volunteer maritime rescue Rait Killandi and the member of the Board of the Rescue Union Meelis Välimäe participated in the discussion panel. The panel was moderated by Rasmus Kagge.

In addition, the participants could compete in the VPK's modern pentathlon, which consisted of a memory game, a water pump drill, a sea rescue drill, a RescueChef and a civil protection drill. In a nutshell, the winner of the VPK Modern Five-Competition was the team "Vallavanem", which consisted mainly of Pärnu-Jaagup volunteer rescuers.

The absolute highlight of the day was the procession, during which hundreds of volunteer land and sea rescuers walked and rode in rescue vehicles through Pärnu-Jaagup. To the cheers and waves of the locals, they made a detour to the heart of the village and proudly showed how cool it is to be a volunteer rescuer: "POWERFUL!"

The evening was rounded off by the award ceremony and the youthful band Bossenova, the crazy men from RetroKiirabi and a famous rock band Fööniks.
Thank you all for coming! 

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