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Voluntary financing

We need an additional 7 million euros to strengthen the voluntary rescue services

When talking about the financing of voluntary rescue, it is necessary to distinguish different associations located all over Estonia, and their representative organisation, the Rescue Association. First, let’s talk about the smaller associations, and then about the Rescue Association.

Association financing

Voluntary rescue and maritime rescue association mostly receive their funding from two sources. In some regions, funds come from local governments and the Rescue Board on the basis of the public service contract, to cover the direct costs of each call-out. Additionally, some associations are supported by local entrepreneurs and, from time to time, fundraising has also been used to acquire the necessary equipment and other technology. 2/3 of donations made through the website of the Rescue Association are transferred to associations that have joined us.

Needs of associations

Actually, associations located all over Estonia would like to do more than the current support of the state and local governments enable. Land and maritime rescue associations have many different ideas for improving the safety of communities, which are generally formulated in the vision of the Rescue Association. It is estimated that we need 7 million euros per year to implement this vision. This amount is needed for the following non-exhaustive targets, for example:

  • more active work with local youngsters
  • more modern rescue equipment
  • commando buildings in a better condition
  • protective equipment complying with the requirements

This would increase the rescue capability of associations, and enhance community safety and sustainability. The funds are slowly increasing, and we invite you to help us, too!

Financing of the Rescue Association

One part of the financing of the representative body of voluntary associations, the Rescue Association, has come from the special-special allocation from the state budget determined by the members of the Riigikogu. Additional and strong support has come from our sponsors. We have also received financing for some projects from Kodanikuühiskonna Sihtkapital or the Civil Society Investment Centre. 1/3 of donations made through the website of the Rescue Association will remain with the representative organisation.

Needs of the Rescue Association

Our vision and motivation are far beyond our financial capabilities. Above all, we need resources for the following activities:

  • additional training of volunteers
  • coordination of joint tenders
  • national youth camps
  • organisation of public relations

With additional financial support, we can more effectively reduce the number of accidents, save more property and lives. The funds are slowly increasing, and we invite you to help us, too!