Become a voluntary rescuer and maritime rescuer

The Rescue Association helps to coordinate the training of new people interested in voluntary rescuing. The approaches for acquiring the basic level of land or maritime rescuing are pretty different. When the I level training of the voluntary rescuer can be completed in an online learning environment, maritime rescue training must be personally attended. In both cases, a knowledge test is conducted at the end of the course and in the case of a positive result, the volunteer will receive a certificate on the respective qualification.

I level training of the voluntary rescuer

Conditions and procedure are available on the website of the Rescue Board: Become a voluntary rescuer

Rescue Board’s learning environment of voluntary rescuers: Online learning environment of voluntary rescuers

II level training of maritime rescue

Time: 24th to 25th of August 2019 from 10 a.m.
Conditions: participation is mandatory on all days
Registration by e-mail:

When registering, please also send your date of birth or personal identification code and the name of the association under which you operate.

Media coverage of maritime rescue training