Estonian Firefighting and Rescue 100

7.09.2019 “Estonian Firefighting and Rescue 100”

Estonian firefighting and rescue brigades are part of Estonian culture. It was the same one hundred years ago. Volunteer firefighting brigades were at the heart of community activities when Estonia first became independent. Life now is significantly different from that of one century ago on land, in the city and also on the sea, but volunteer rescuers and their communities still lead the communities and value life from Kuressaare to Narva, from Lüllemäe to Nõva.

Estonian firefighting and rescue people shall celebrate a big anniversary in September, 2019. All Estonians are invited to participate in the events in Tallinn and Türi.
In Estonia, 2019 is the year of volunteer rescue and different events have already happened and shall happen all over Estonia. An anniversary badge and postal mark have also been developed for this dignified anniversary.

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One hundred years ago, Estonia as a country was being built and life was going on at full speed everywhere. Local volunteering firefighting associations helped people and were also active in leading cultural life. At that time, 150 volunteer-based firefighting organisations were active in Estonia.

On 7 September 1919, volunteer firefighting associations established a national firefighting association in the Estonia Theatre in Tallinn: the Estonian National Firefighting Association. This created a legal basis for a nationwide joint volunteer firefighting activity. Today, the seventh of September is celebrated as the day of Estonian firefighting.

Over time, the volunteer firefighting movement has been active in many winds of change.

On 23.04.1991, 18 firefighting associations initiated the re-founding of an umbrella organisation the Estonian Firefighting Association, based on the continuity principle, and it is still active today.

On 22 January 2010, the parliament (Riigikogu) founded the Estonian Volunteer Rescue Association as well. It started with nineteen founding members and has now grown into an umbrella organisation, including 120 member associations, representing land, sea, and special rescue volunteers.

Currently, the Estonian Firefighting Association and Estonian Volunteer Rescue Association co-operate to create a safer Estonia.
Together, they also celebrate the big anniversary “Estonian Firefighting and Rescue 100”.


The anniversary badge is a dignified symbol, the owning and wearing of which is a matter of honour.

The anniversary badge is a darkened golden 3-centimetre circle, embossed and covered with transparent varnish. The badge is based on the symbols of volunteers from the Estonian Volunteer Rescue Association, to which a firefighter’s helmet and crossed axes are added from the Firefighting Association’s symbols.

The anniversary badge shall be worn on the uniform or with formal clothes on the right side, at the height wherethe lapels cross. When worn with other clothes, you can choose the position freely on the right lapel. The anniversary badge can be worn by anyone who has purchased the badge or received it as a gift. Information on purchasing the badge can be acquired from the Estonian Firefighting Association and the Estonian Volunteer Rescue Association.

The anniversary postal mark shall be issued for the 100th anniversary of Estonian Firefighting. A special envelope and stamp are also used.

EVENTS on 6 and 7 September 2019

Friday, 6 September:

13:30 – presentation of the “Estonian Firefighting 100” postal mark at Sõpruse Kino

Saturday, 7 September:

Different events before noon in the city centre of Tallinn and in the afternoon in Türi. We invite you to listen to orchestras in Tallinn as well as see the parade in Türi.

09:00 – Wake up concerts by orchestras near the Viru Gates in Tallinn

10:00 – Greeting from the mayor of Tallinn, in front of Sõpruse cinema, next to the chimney sweeper’s statue

11:00 – Memorial event in Tallinn, at the Rahumäe firefighters’ cemetery

14:30 – “Stylish entrance” gathering in Kehtna, on Staadioni Street

17:00 – Parade in Türi, from the city limits to the Türi cultural centre

18:00 – Official opening of the anniversary party in front of the Türi cultural centre

19:00 – Beginning of the ceremony in the Türi cultural centre


Come with your entire family and bring your friends as well. For more information, call 5227987 or write to