We include money from public funds in order to boost our activities

Mitigating climate change by preventing and responding to forest fires in the Borjomi region of Georgia

The Estonian Rescue Association shares and applies the experiences of Estonian volunteer rescuers to the partner of the Borjomi region of Georgia. The extreme weather conditions of recent years have caused extensive forest fires. Fires reduce the natural biodiversity and are a threat to the residents and visitors of this beautiful place. The Rescue Alliance helps train local rescuers and equip them with the necessary equipment. In this way, forest fires on the ground can be brought to an end in good time to prevent major natural disasters. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also supports the creation of voluntary rescue capabilities in the region – the Estonian Rescue Association helps to promote co-operation between the public sector and civil society.

Project cost: 222,000 €
EIC support: 113,191 €
Support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 86,610 €
Project implementation time: 16.04.2020-30.04.2022

Creation of the information system for a more efficient, faster and more productive organisation of the work of the Rescue Association

The Rescue Association received funding from the Kodanikuühiskonna Sihtkapital, which created the information system VP-EST of the members of the Rescue Association. The system helps associations document details related to their equipment and membership, and gives the umbrella organisation a better overview of the state of voluntary rescue in Estonia.

Total cost: 12,165 euros
Of which the support of KÜSK: 11,565 euros
Time for implementation of the project: June 2014-December 2015

Pollution abatement containers

The Rescue Association received funding from the Civil Society Investment Centre for the project, which included the purchase of four pollution abatement containers for four maritime rescue associations. The equipment involves booms, movable trailers and tools for collecting mazut. Containers were designated by the Rescue Board for use for maritime rescue associations in Pärnu County, Saaremaa and Northern Estonia.

Total cost: 100,000 euros
Of which the support of KIK: 100,000 euros
Time for implementation of the project: June 2016-December 2016

Social inclusion of the Rescue Association: empowering volunteer rescue on the internet

The aim of the project is to raise awareness among citizens, companies and social partners of voluntary rescue and involve them in voluntary rescue tasks. As part of this project, a new website is created for the Rescue Association, and more methodological work is started on social media.

Total cost: 12,000 euros
Of which the support of KÜSK: 10,806.25 euros
Time for implementation of the project: April 2017-December 2017