Kaido Höövelson, i.e. Baruto

In Japan, like in Estonia, there are voluntary and professional rescuers. There are many volunteers and their possibility to help those in trouble is better than in Estonia. The technology is more modern and there is more of it. Legislation on fire is strict in Japan, because the houses are built close to each other. Every small fire can quickly turn into something bigger. On the other hand, we are ahead of the Japanese in terms of digital solutions. In Japan, information is forwarded through loudspeakers on the streets.

Who is Baruto?

Kaido Höövelson, wrestler name Baruto Kaito ( 把瑠都 凱斗 ) is a former sumo wrestler, who was born on 5 November 1984 in Väike-Maarja. By profession, Höövelson is a Seaman. He has participated in the General Assembly of the Rescue Association, volunteer maritime rescue training, supporting the voluntary rescuers in television and in written press. Baruto has also supported voluntary rescuers’ projects and was given a fire truck for the disposal of the Simuna Commando, which was given to him as a wedding gift in 2014 by voluntary rescuers and maritime rescuers. At the moment, Höövelson is living and working in Japan. Despite this, he keeps himself up-to-date with the activities of Estonian volunteers.

Three thoughts from Kaido Höövelson:

I am just a small part of the Rescue Association. It is a great honour for me. (Valgamaalane newspaper, 5 April 2014)

Let’s be honest, the volunteers are doing all of it with their free time and free will. (Õhtuleht newspaper, 16 June 2015)

The rescuers are always in my heart and in my mind. I think about them and am always with them. (ERR, 14 December 2015)

Media coverage of the patron of the Rescue Association
Baruto on the tatami

In the photo, Baruto is throwing salt on the tatami before the second round against Dejima in a major sumo event at Los Angeles Sports Arena. © 2008 Rich Iwasaki

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