To improve the user experience, we use http cookies on the Rescue Association website

Description of cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored in the user’s computer or mobile device’s browser when visiting a website. The Rescue Association uses the cookies in order to:

  • remember user preferences;
  • get information to customise our site according to the interests of the user.
    We use several kinds of cookies. You can get an overview of them from the list below.
Service cookies

The service cookies are determined by the website that the user visits and they can only be read by the administrator of the website visited.
The Rescue Association uses such cookies to remember user preferences when visiting our website.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are not determined by the website of the Rescue Association that the user is visiting, but by a third party. Some parts of the Rescue Association website may contain cookies from third parties such as Google, YouTube, etc. For example, if a user shares something from the Rescue Association website to social media, the social media service provider may store a cookie in the user’s browser.

Session cookies

Session cookies are stored in the user’s browser for the time of browsing the websites. These cookies are deleted from the browser (for example, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) by closing the browser. The Rescue Association deletes session cookies when the user has left the Rescue Association environment.

Permanent cookies

Permanent cookies are stored on the user’s computer and will not be deleted when the browser is closed. The Rescue Association uses permanent cookies to remember user preferences.