Commando’s ABC

How do I create a voluntary commando?

There is an easier and a more complicated side to creating a voluntary commando.

The easier side is related to the legal aspect of the creation of the commando. To do this, a group of persons (you only need one group, i.e. four people) and registration of the non-profit organisation in the Company Registration Portal is sufficient. After that, you can send an application for membership to the Rescue Association, and your association will be added to the general voluntary rescue information group. It is reasonable to properly train the group so that all members have a voluntary rescue or maritime rescue certificate that provides social guarantees and a legal right to participate in rescue operations. More information about training is available on our training page.

The more difficult part is related to the acquisition of equipment, the construction of a commando building and, in the case of the local rescue centre or maritime rescue of the Rescue Board (PäA), to the conclusion of the agreement with the Police and Border Guard (PPA). In order to obtain equipment, associations will receive money either through fundraising or as support from local governments. Sometimes it can be the case that a used but working asset is being written off by PäA or PPA, and such equipment will find its way to rescue associations. For this, it is necessary to communicate with the regional authorities of the respective institutions.

For the purposes of acquiring equipment, some rescue associations are engaged in providing services to local companies and governments. Commando buildings of voluntary associations have mainly been given for the use of those associations in three ways. They are either the former premises of PäA or PPA, suitable premises at the disposal of the local government, or the company has built a completely new commando house with the support of the LEADER or any other similar project. It is necessary to get into contact with the contact person of the local PäA or PPA in order to conclude an agreement for the provision of rescue services. It is necessary to understand that an agreement is only concluded if it coincides with the existing capacity gap on a general rescue service map. Despite this, communication with the local PäA and PPA officials can give ideas on how one or another aspect can be modified in such a way that would make the association viable for contract.

The Rescue Association can, throughout this process, give advice and help find contact with those who can be of help.