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Thierry Neuville donation goes to low-income families for CO detectors

With the support of WRC driver Thierry Neuville and BK Eesti (an importer of carbon monoxide sensors), volunteer rescuers are installing carbon monoxide sensors in the homes of low-income families.

According to Piia Kallas, Chairman of the Board of the Rescue Association, 160 families across Estonia will receive a carbon monoxide sensor with installation.

“Thanks to hundreds of hours of prevention work, volunteer rescue teams know their communities well, and so the number of homes in need of help was reached relatively quickly,” said Kallas.

Erik Rajamäe, head of BK Eesti: “We have been dealing with the wholesale of security systems since 1994, and the security of all people is our heart’s desire. Carbon monoxide gas is colorless, odorless and tasteless, but it is very dangerous to the human body and therefore a carbon monoxide sensor is essential. We are very pleased that in cooperation with the Rescue Association, we can help those who need it the most, and we will contribute to making Estonia safer. ”

“I feel lucky to be able to realize my dreams every day by doing the sport I like the most,” said Thierry Neuville. “This also gives me the opportunity to travel the world and meet many fantastic persons from different origins and cultures. I realized over the years that not everyone is as lucky and a lot of people are facing challenges in their life. This is why I decided that I wanted to help the best I can in the events we are visiting during our World Rally Championship season. I know that many associations are doing a truly amazing work to help the other people, animals but also our planet. For me this is the meaning of life to be able to help each others whatever help it is. I’m very happy we could launch this project in 2020 and I hope I can continue this operation for many years.”

“I’m very happy to support the Estonian Rescue Association which has a strong meaning for me as it involves different groups of volunteers saving lives everyday no matter what it takes.
I want to thank all these people who are putting their heart in saving the others every day. They are the true heroes,” he added.

Volunteer rescuers decided to pass on aid to the weakest in their community – those whose safety may be most at risk.