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Virtual Commando unites people who care

Those who become members of Virtual Commando at komando.ee are not official rescuers, but their awareness and preparedness for crises will be significantly higher than average.
Exciting trainings, exercises, and involvement in various activities await the participants with this unique solution.

We involve those who really want to notice and know how to make their community a safe living environment. Simply said, we are looking for community heroes.
We want Estonia to be the safest living environment in the world. This can only be done together. The goal is to involve and train as many Estonian people as possible in order to make the environment in which we live safe. It all starts with awareness and noticing.

A subscriber can choose to remain a more passive supporting member and develop independently through free training. Another option is to participate more actively, providing your knowledge and resources to deal with major crises.

Each member of the Virtual Team receives a certificate and a commando membership badge. Join now!