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Maritime rescuers received hundreds of life jackets from supporters

Rescue Association’s spring life jacket campaign raised the level of rescue and prevention capability across Estonia

From May to June of this year the Rescue Association carried out a campaign, during the course of which money was collected for purchasing life jackets for sea-based rescue associations. Helping with the campaign were Reval Marine and Offshore Training and VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT A/S, who have provided the Rescue Association with more than 600 new life jackets, which have been distributed across Estonia to various associations dealing with sea-based rescues. Life jackets were also given to associations that perform land-based rescues, which may encounter water-based rescues in the course of their work. The goal of the campaign was to ensure an improved level of supply of life jackets, in order to organise training days and to ensure that all interested volunteers have the necessary equipment at their disposal.

New life jackets were received by associations active in the following areas:

  • Aasukalda
  • Alansi (Kõue)
  • Avinurme
  • Elva
  • Hanila
  • Hüüru
  • Järva-Jaani
  • Juminda
  • Kaberneeme
  • Karula
  • Kuremaa
  • Kõmsi
  • Käru
  • Lehtse
  • Lelle
  • Läänemaa
  • Luutsniku
  • Misso
  • Noarootsi
  • Nõo
  • Osmussaare
  • Paatsalu
  • Palamuse
  • Piirissaare
  • Puka
  • Purtse
  • Pärnu-Jaagupi
  • Rõngu
  • Rõuge
  • Saku
  • Simuna
  • Tilgu
  • Türi
  • Vajangu
  • Varbla
  • Vatla
  • Virtsu
  • Võsu

Fifteen private individuals supported the campaign with EUR 225, which will be used to purchase children’s life jackets for use on safety days. The Rescue Association would like to thank all of the compassionate entrepreneurs and private supporters for their help. The life jackets that have entered into use will help to raise the level of safety of volunteer rescuers when responding to rescue events. They will also help to raise the ability of volunteers when it comes to prevention.

The picture of a life jacket being put on was taken by rescuer Andrus Kütt.

Let’s make life in Estonia safe!