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Let’s equip rescuers with vests

By 30 June 2018, we will raise EUR 11,200 to purchase life vests

The sun. The sand. The sea. Bathing on the beach and night-time diving into bog lakes. It is summer, friends! Will we be able to survive?

In 2017, forty-two people drowned in Estonia. Sixty per cent of them either slipped or fell into the water. According to the data of the World Health Organization from 2014, Estonia on a global level is among countries with an average level of deaths from drowning. However, compared to our neighbours, Finland, in 2017 about two and a half times more people drowned in Estonia; compared to Sweden – over four times more.

There are about fifty voluntary maritime rescue associations and hundreds of voluntary maritime rescuers in Estonia. Let’s give them an opportunity to organise constructive maritime safety workshops! And at the same they can safely rescue us all.

By 30 June 2018, we will raise EUR 11,200 to buy new life vests for voluntary maritime rescue associations all over Estonia. Contribute to a safer Estonia.

Jarek Jõepera photographed voluntary maritime rescuers during training.

Let’s make life in Estonia safe!