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Seven fire engines deployed with the help of donors

Better response capacity all over Estonia

The Rescue Administration raised EUR 6905 to repair fire engines used by volunteers in the campaign of support organised in December 2017. Currently, voluntary associations have to make do with machinery that is on average more than 30 years old. It means that more attention must be paid to maintenance of the fleet. Thanks to the support of good people and companies, six voluntary fire crews were able to fix their vehicles. All in all, seven engines were deployed with the help of donors.

The non-profit association Lootuse Küla Päästeselts (Rescue Association of the Village of Hope, Kibuna) bought a used UTV Polaris Ranger to respond to wildfires as it had already been obvious for some time that there was a great need for such a machine, especially during landscape and forest fires in spring. Given that new UTVs are really expensive, the only option was second-hand machinery and not long ago the association was able to buy a used (only 380 hours of operation!) Polaris Ranger 700EFI 6X6 from Sweden. Today, the vehicle has been registered in Estonia and in pristine technical condition. However, a UTV without extinguishing equipment is like a lock without a key.

“We are very grateful to all the donors and the Security Administration since thanks to your support we were able to obtain everything we needed: buy and install a tank, a pump and all other connectors and interfaces without which the entity does not function. The volume of the water tank is 300 litres and it gets pressure from a Honda pump. The process of application for support was surprisingly simple as well as very straightforward. Now Kibuna is prepared to respond to grass fires in spring, of which we hope there will not be many,” says Viljam Borissenko from the Rescue Association of the Village of Hope.

The tank of the GAZ66 of the Raasiku Fire Brigade GAZ66 had rusted through. “We used the funds raised to make a new plastic tank and the vehicle will be up and running in no time,” says the rep of the brigade, Jaak Laanisto.

The clutch of the emergency truck of the Rae Firefighting and Rescue Association  was damaged and the vehicle was thus not fit to be used. Peeter Böckler from the Rae association: “Now everything is okay and the truck is responsive again.”

The exhaust pipe of the rescue truck of the Voluntary Rescue Brigade of Aasukalda Priitahtliku Päästekomando fell off the engine during a rescue operation due to corrosion – the sections that were patched several times over just gave in. “Now the vehicle is as new – beautiful to look at and the engine is simply purring,” says the leading member of the association, Marge Zaidullin.

The representative of the Hüüru RC Club, Mati Leivategija, tells his story: “Our truck is in the yard, under a shelter. Whenever the temperature dropped below zero, we had serious problems with responding since the batteries were over ten years old. Now, with new batteries it runs smoothly and the crew could not be happier.”

Kaid Sarapuu from South-Estonia: “Nõo’s Scania and Volvo got new batteries and are now back in everyday use.”

Big thanks to all the supporters! Together we have made life in Estonia safer.

Pictured is the rescue truck of the Rae brigade that was deployed with the help of donors.

Let’s make life in Estonia safe!