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Lucky button of voluntary rescue

The lucky button paves the way to happiness

Touching the coat buttons of people engaged in fire safety has always been considered to bring luck. It is also an old Estonian tradition to put money together and try to do something for the safety of the home region. In the first half of 2017, the Rescue Association had the idea to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia and give these old traditions new life in this combination – to celebrate the story of the lucky buttons of firefighters and chimney sweepers, to draw more attention to safety issues in society and to raise additional funds in the sector.

“We wanted to create something eye-catching, yet valuable. The silver colour lucky button of voluntary rescue can be worn both on jacket lapels as well as on T-shirts,” says Joanna Adler, Head of Sponsorship and Partnership of the Rescue Association. The final solution of the lucky button of the Rescue Association was preceded by several months of discussions by the Supervisory Board of the Rescue Association. The firefighting historian Sander Muhu, and the creative team of the advertising agency Age McCann also made a contribution to the debate.

The diameter of the lucky button is 2 cm and thanks to its magnetic attachment there is no need to make holes in your clothes. The lucky button also has an alternative with a patch so that companies who buy it can give it as Christmas presents to their customers and cooperation partners. In this case, the badge is attached on a patch-shaped base (see picture) which has an area where the company can print its name, and a stand at the back, so it can be placed on the “mantelpiece” for displaying. The patch comes in golden wrapping, which has text introducing the voluntary rescue services. The patch with the badge can be bought for the price of 15 euros/pc.

The Rescue Association conducted the lucky button project in cooperation with the insurance company IIZI. “For a long time, we have been looking for gift ideas that would say and mean more than any usual Christmas gift. We are happy that we could take part in the preparation of such an exceptional thing and in delivering a message”, commented Maria Plees, the Head of Marketing and Sales of IIZI insurance.

Let’s make life in Estonia safe!