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The Rescue Association opened a donation environment

This is the first environment specially created to support voluntary rescuers in Estonia.

The donation environment of the Rescue Association is located at https://paasteliit.ee/donate/?lang=en. Donations can be made in smaller amounts by different payments, or it is possible to determine the amount of the desired payment altogether. Donations can be made through an online bank registered in Estonia, or via PayPal, and will be transferred to the account of the Rescue Association. As the Rescue Association is an income tax-exempt nonprofit organisation, supporters who want to benefit from income tax exemptions must also indicate their personal identification number in the application and, in the case of legal persons, the registration number must be indicated. Also, the user can choose whether his/her donation together with the message will be displayed on the website of the Rescue Association or not.

“We opened the donation environment in order to simplify donating money to voluntary rescue services in Estonia. We thought it was very important to enable the opportunity to become a permanent supporter of the Rescue Association via this environment,” said Joanna Adler, the Head of Sponsorship and Partnership.

The technical solution of the environment was provided by EETER Collective, photos were taken by Jarek Jõepera and Timo Palo. Most of the funding was ensured by Kodanikuühiskonna Sihtkapital and the members of the Rescue Association:

  • Rae Tuletõrje- ja päästeselts (Rae Firefighting and Rescue Association)
  • Võsu Vabatahtlik Tuletõrjeühing (Võsu Voluntary Firefighting Association)
  • Purtse Vabatahtlik Pääste (Purtse Voluntary Rescue)
  • Tauno Tähe
  • Eesti Tuletõrjeliit (Estonian Firefighting Association)
  • Voore Tuletõrje Selts (Voore Firefighting Association)
  • Kaido Höövelson (Baruto)
  • Palamuse Pritsumehed (Palamuse Firefighters)
  • Rõngu Vabatahtlik Päästeselts (Rõngu Voluntary Rescue Association)
  • Aasukalda Maa- ja Merepäästekomando (Aasukalda Land and Maritime Rescue Commando)
  • Kolga-Jaani Tuletõrje Selts (Kolga-Jaani Firefighting Association)
  • Karula Vabatahtlik Tuletõrjeselts (Karula Voluntary Firefighting Association)
  • Hüüru RC klubi (Hüüru RC Club)
  • Elva Vabatahtlik Tuletõrjeühing (Elva Voluntary Firefighting Association)
  • Raido Kimmel
  • Rõuge Priitahtlikud Pritsimehed (Rõuge Voluntary Firefighters)
  • Nõo Priitahtlik Päästeselts (Nõo Voluntary Rescue Association)
  • Aasukalda Maa- ja Merepäästekomando (Aasukalda Land and Maritime Rescue Commando)

On behalf of the Rescue Association, the team included Joanna Adler, Tiit Kuuskmäe, Tarmo Oja, Toomas Roolaid and Kaido Taberland.

Let’s make life in Estonia safe!