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The General Assembly focused on the health of volunteers

The General Assembly of the Rescue Association that took place in Valgehobusemäe on 17-18 November focused on the health of voluntary rescuers

The General Assembly of the Rescue Association held in Järvamaa, Valgehobusemäe, brought together over one hundred representatives of voluntary rescue and maritime rescue organisations. As always, the event started with the “Stylish Arrival” initiated by Toomas Sillamaa, member of the Supervisory Board of the Rescue Association, the final of which took place in Järva-Jaani.

The longer programme focused on the mental and physical health of voluntary rescuers. The evening was started with Nordic walking on Valgehobusemäe health tracks, during which the new Bungypump Nordic walking technology was tested.

Kristjan Puusild, crisis psychologist and health promoter spoke about the importance of healthy eating and leading an active lifestyle. Family therapist Naatan Haamer concentrated his speech on human relationships and the alleviation of stress and mental trauma. The evening was finished by snow leopard Jaan Künnap who shared his experiences of rescue operations in the mountains, both from the point of view of adequate thinking and real-life dilemmas. Is it worth risking your own life to save your friend or not?

During the next day of the General Assembly, a procedure for wearing honorary decorations was established. The voluntary rescuers also received a number of honorary decorations and gratitude was expressed towards societies and associations who supported the preparation of the new website of the Rescue Association. The patron of the Rescue Association, Baruto had come straight from Japan to honour the ceremony with his presence. Joanna Adler, the Head of Sponsorship and Partnership introduced the plans for the inclusion of additional supporters for the coming year, and the member of the Supervisory Board Toomas Roolaid presented the media plan for 2018. In close competition, Liis Truubon was elected as a new member of the Supervisory Board of the Rescue Association instead of Taavi Aasma who had left the Board. Baruto and several associations who had supported the creation of the flag of the Rescue Association added nails bearing their own names to the flagpole.

With regard to new technologies, Mobile lamps for helmets and working on site were introduced.

Let’s make life in Estonia safe!